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Mingxing Liu


Mingxing Liu


2001-2008       北京大学物理学院                本科+硕士


2008-2015       在国内数家出版行业的公司和出版社工作,从事过编辑、内容策划及运营、市场分析、研究咨询等工作,其中2013年3月至2015年9月在广西金海湾电子音像出版社担任副总编

2016年至今   兼职从事图书翻译工作,迄今已将三十余部英文著作翻译为中文,其中二十余部已分别在不同出版社出版

2017.9至今    中文学校教师





2001-2008                Physics School of Peking University, Bachelor + Master


Work Experience

2008-2015                Editor

  • Worked in various publishing companies and publishing houses in China, engaging in works such as editing, content planning and management, market analysis, research consulting, etc. Notably, served as Deputy Chief Editor at Guangxi Jinhaiwan Electronic and Audio-visual Publishing House from March 2013 to September 2015.

2016-Present           Book translator

  • Part-time work as a book translator, having translated over thirty English books into Chinese. More than twenty of these have been published by different publishing houses.

2017.9-Present       Chinese language teacher

  • Serve as the director of WCEA, the after school program of Wellesley Chinese Language School. Responsible for curriculum planning, teacher recruitment, student management, parent communication, and other teaching and administrative tasks. The number of students and the school’s impact on the community have steadily increased under my management. Also teach two classes at Wellesley Chinese Language School’s weekend program since 2018.
  • Conducted teaching or substitute teaching at multiple schools, including Winchester School of Chinese Culture and Kwongkow Chinese School.
  • In December 2021, represented Wellesley Chinese Language School to attend the National Conference of the Association of Chinese Schools, earning recognition as an Outstanding Teacher for the years 2018-2021.
  • In 2023, participated in the federally-funded STARTALK language teacher training program for Chinese teachers and successfully completed the program (selected as one of 18 Chinese teachers nationwide).
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