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Newsletter Issue #1

Wellesley Chinese Language School Returns to Full In-Person Learning Amid COVID-19 Pandemic 

— by Malinda Lu, senior @ WHS


With the help from parents, teachers, and staff, the Wellesley Chinese Language School (WCLS) successfully reopened during the pandemic on September 12, 2021 at the Wellesley Village Church. The opportunity for students to connect with peers and teachers in-person is especially precious during COVID. The school recognizes the tremendous impact it has on improving students’ mental health and personalizing their learning, persistently asking that all WCLS families do their part to help keep the school open.


COVID-19 Policy


To accommodate around 70 families and 100 students during a time when the safety and health of the community are especially important, the WCLS PTO (as founded and led by president Hailei Zhang) has given many guildline suggestions, which, through consistent communication, have been compiled into WCLS’ COVID-19 precautionary policy, as outlined below:

1) WCLS teachers, TAs, and employees will wear name tags upon entrance to the building. At the door, two representatives from the PTO will ensure only students, teachers and necessary personnel enter the building. Three TAs will be responsible for taking the temperature of all students and employees, making sure they wash their hands and helping the younger students find their classrooms. 

2) Parents from the PTO will disinfect the classrooms.

3) TAs will arrange the desks to ensure social distancing.

4) After class, TAs will be responsible for bringing the younger students out of the building to be picked up by their parents. 

5) After class, two designated parents will manage hallway traffic. Teachers will release the students only after receiving approval from the hallway parents.

6) Those who need to enter the building to communicate with the school will be required to make an appointment in advance.  

The above recommendations are designed to protect every member of the WCLS. Therefore, all is asked to cooperate and participate. 




With confidence that members of the WCLS can collectively maintain a safe environment, the school continues to welcome new members to the community. Registration is still open and can be accessed through


WCLS courses encompass diverse aspects of Chinese language, culture and education. Specific course information can be accessed below:

Chinese for heritage students

Chinese for non-heritage students

Math and coding                      

Art and sports                          


Community News


WCLS’s persistent request for an AP Chinese Language and Culture exam at the high school was finally approved. In addition to taking the AP Chinese preparation course at WCLS, WCLS current and former students can now register for the exam. Those who are interested may email for more information.


The school year is off to a good start. Many families are delighted to see their children bond with classmates, teachers, and volunteer members. The community is expected to maintain its effort against COVID-19, hopefully setting an example for reopening amid the pandemic.





截至上周日,WCLS给约100个学生,70个家庭提供了中文,数学,绘画,朗诵,棋类等丰富的课程。WCLS 继续秉承其小班教学的风格,因材施教,让每个学生都有了更多的参与机会。






Chinese for heritage students

Chinese for non-heritage students

Math and coding                      

Art and sports                          



Hailei Zhang带领下的家长会为WCLS提了很多切实的建议。经磋商讨论,WCLS拟定以下注意条款来防止新冠病毒的扩散,希望大家积极配合:

1) 学校教师,助教,员工将佩戴name tag进入。前门外家长会安排的两个值班家长将配合请无关人员止步。前门内三个助教负责给进来的学生,教师员工测体温,洗手,引领找不到教室的学生。家长和学生要求课前提前5到10分钟到学校配合检查。

2) 由家长会安排家长为教室消毒。

3) 助教配合摆好桌子以及配合维持课堂社交距离。











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