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Newsletter Special Issues

Newsletter Special Issues

WCLS Newsletter Special Issue #1: Vocalist Jie Weston

How does Lady Gaga manage to sing so iconically with her raspy yet lyrical voice? Famous soprano and vocal teacher Jie Weston addressed the question at the Village Church Hall on October 3, 2021.   


WCLS Newsletter Special Issue #2: 你讲过的故事才是你的故事



WCLS Newsletter Special Issue #3: Understanding People Through Chess

“…in an interview shortly after winning the championship prize in the same tournament, Alan revealed how chess helped him to understand himself and the people around him…””  


WCLS Newsletter Special Issue #4: 2021 万圣节 Halloween

万圣节到了!Halloween is here!See more pictures。。。  


WCLS Newsletter Special Issue #5: 夏天的物理实验

“…我用手边的简易器材 ,设计或者从网上照搬了一些小实验,我们的物理夜校课堂显得有趣多了。我分享其中的几个, 大家可以在家动手试试。…”  


WCLS Newsletter Special Issue #6: 2021万圣节-MLP6

MLP6 students share their 2021 Halloween experience…”  

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