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Dr. Hao


Dr. Hao was graduated from Peking Union Medical College in Beijing, China, and received his post-doc training at University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. He has been working in several top 10 pharmaceutical companies and lecturing at conferences and schools for about 20 years.

He is passionate about teaching 4-9th grade math (AOPS prealgebra, algebra, geometry, SAT math, etc.) and has taught more than 1000 hours in the past two years. Dr. Hao has also set up a Logic Academy Online School to offer young kids (K-7) free classes such as Singapore Math, Chess, Animation, Rubik’s cube.

AOPS prealgebra class he teaches every Sunday in Wellesley Chinese Language School is suitable for 4th – 7th grade students depending on the student’s current math level. Please stop by his class if you like a tryout or have any questions.

Wellesley Chinese Language School

Wellesley Chinese Language School