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WCLS Math Boot Camp (5th Grade)

As we all know, practice is essential to master a skill. With a block of time on Sunday afternoon, students could join their peers to practice math problems together. Anyone could regain confidence and interest in math once they get the hang of it.

Following the Common Core curriculum, this class is designed to help students master the math concepts by doing more exercises. The 85 minutes class will be divided into two parts. The first 30-40 minutes is set up for the students to do about 20 questions independently. The rest of the lesson will have the questions reviewed and discussed by the class with the teacher. The class is designed by Dr. Hao, assisted lectured by high school students.

对于数学概念的深入理解和应用,恰当的练习是必不可少的。卫斯理中文学校周日下午的数学刷题班给学生们一个共同练习数学题的机会,和同伴们一起解题时也不会觉得枯燥乏味。 一旦掌握了解题的窍门,每一个学生都可以重拾对数学的信心和兴趣。

课程宗旨: 遵循Common Core数学教学大纲,本课程旨在通过做更多的练习来帮助学生掌握数学概念,提高在校成绩。每次课程时长85 分钟,分为两部分。 第一部分30-40分钟,学生在有限时间内独立做题,以此提高解题速度和时间管理能力。 第二时段老师与学生们一起讨论第一时段做过的题目。为学生解答疑难,总结思路。本课程由Dr. Hao 设计,高中生辅助执行。

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