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Welcome to Wellesley Chinese Language School

Leadership Team

Ally Jin

President of Board of Directors, Treasurer

Ally Jin is a certified public accountant. She has served as a board member and Treasurer of the School since 2010. She feels that she has benefited from her experiences at the School both personally and professionally. Some reflections that she would like to share with kids in our Chinese School community include:

Find your passion and enjoy what you do. She enjoys multitasking and problem solving in her daily job as a financial reporting consultant. Community service happens to be another area that she may apply her skills. Running a school with limited resources and staff members is a challenging but rewarding task. Seeing the satisfaction of students, parents, and the greater community is what drives her to do her best work.

Community service, however, is one out of many ways to create positive change.  Our school provides various volunteer opportunities to middle and high school students. We hope that students take initiative to influence their community in a helpful manner, and also develop skills that any team-oriented jobs require. Apart from volunteering, the youth might also consider entrepreneurship as a means of benefiting their community with creativity and inspiration. What is important is that every individual finds their own unique path.



Jianmei Kochling

Vice President of Board of Directors

Jianmei Kochling is the co-founder of WCLS and served as the President of the Board from 2009-2019.  She was also the founding principal from 2010-2019.   As a leader, Jianmei has directed the drastic expansion of the school, from 50 families to hundreds of families.

Since the creation of WCLS, Jianmei has worked tirelessly to build the school’s brand in Wellesley and neighboring towns.  She has led her staff to build a community school, open to all children regardless of their heritage or background.   Together with the leadership team, the school developed an innovative curriculum for Chinese teaching.  Her belief is “All children can learn the Chinese language”, and this is reflected by the school’s dual-track curricula.   Since the school opened its doors in 2010, many children have graduated from WCLS and enjoyed the Chinese learning experience.   Jianmei said that it was rewarding to devote 10 years of her time to this community because she has witnessed so many successful stories from the WCLS children.

Jianmei Kochling received her PhD degree in Chemistry from Northeastern University and MBA from Babson College.  Jianmei has been working in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 25 years, with Sanofi for the past 16 years. She is currently the Senior Director/Head of Analytical Sciences at the mRNA Center of Excellence, US site.

Haihong Li


Dr. Haihong Li, is the current WCLS principal. She is a highly decorated educator who studied at the most prestigious universities in China and earned her Ph.D in history at Harvard University. She has taught history and the Chinese language at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Marian High School and St. John’s High School. Over her many years of teaching students of all ages, Haihong has had an extensive experience in the American education system and has become excellent at guiding students to their highest academic potential.

Haihong is also very involved in many community activities. Concerned about the civil and political rights of Asian Americans, she has been engaged in many relevant social and political activities and was elected as the Town Meeting Member of Wellesley.

Outside of work, Haihong loves traditional Chinese poetry writing. If you ever see her in the halls, be sure to come up and say hello. She is always there for support, guidance, and any questions you may have!

Helen Fang

Vice President of Board of Directors

Helen Fang is the co-founder and the current president of  Wellesley Chinese Language School. Serving as the school vice principal, vice president and president from 2009 – 2024, Helen devoted countless hours to building the school from ground up, including designing school curricula, developing marketing strategies, driving student enrollment, organizing big school/community events, managing media relations, negotiating business partnerships, proposing/establishing/managing after school program etc. Helen believes WCLS is not only a place where kids learn Chinese language, but also a platform where students learn to embrace differences and a community center where families make friends with each other.

Helen is currently the CEO of a medical device startup. She previously worked in Fidelity Investments as the Director of Analytics and Research. Helen holds dual Master degrees in both Economics and Engineering from University of Colorado at Boulder.

Zhaopeng Ji


Mrs. Ji earned both her bachelor and master degree in Chinese Literacy from Renmin University of China. She has been teaching in WCLS since the school’s inception and has taught adult Chinese, MLPK to MLP7, Chinese 8 and AP Chinese. She also taught college-level Chinese classes at UMass Boston. She found her passion in teaching after joining WCLS. She has enjoyed teaching throughout the years and has built strong bonds with her students. Her current AP class has been with her for 10 years since the first grade. In addition, Mrs. Ji engages the parents throughout the curriculums. She has invited the parents to do presentations about their careers to showcase different working industries. Furthermore, the class final presentations display the progression of the students to the parents, and parents are always eager to see their growth. Parents are for sure contributing to her students’ Chinese learning environment.

Mingxing Liu

Director of Afterschool Program

Mr. Liu earned master degree in Physics from Beijing University.  He is also the Director of the afterschool program (WCEA). He published several novels, prose and articles in China. He was Deputy Director of Jinhaiwang electronic audio and video publishing house in Guangxi, China; he was operating director for Public Reading Division in Tianwen Digitial Media Technology; he was also a content manager for Beijing Fangzheng Network Technology.

Alice Li

Vice Principal

Mrs. Li is Associate of the Society Actuaries. She had been working as a pension consultant in a leading Canadian consulting firm for about 10 years after obtaining her bachelor of science specialized in math. She taught in Chinese Culture Associate of NB and École Chinoise (Mandarin) de Montréal before moving to the United States. 

As Mother Teresa said, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” Mrs. Li would like to try her best to foster our Chinese community, to bring all who are interested in Chinese language and in Chinese culture together.

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Affirming Community

Our school strives to educate, challenge, and inspire Wellesley and its
surrounding communities by presenting a quality curriculum incorporating
Chinese language learning classes and Chinese cultural studies for both children
and adults, thereby promoting cross-cultural understanding.


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20 April, 2020     3 Comments

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20 April, 2020     3 Comments

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