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Our Teachers

Our Teachers

Zhaopeng Ji

Mrs. Ji earned both her bachelor and master degree in Chinese Literacy from Renmin University of China. She has been teaching…

Mingxing Liu

Mr. Liu earned master degree in Physics from Beijing University.  He is also co-director in the WCEA. He published several novels…

Xiaoling Li

李晓玲女士出生梨园世家, 京剧表演艺术传承人,弘扬中华国粹使者…

Carrie Yue

Ms. Yue has been teaching Chinese at WCLS since 2011. She teaches the MLP track and the ICL track...

Jiaoe Chen

Mrs. Chen had three-year teaching experience in Wuhan International Trade University…

Jie Pan


Ying Wu

Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master’s degree in Architecture from the City University of New York. Art Work selected for annual exhibits at

Charlene Smith

Charlene Smith is a multi-award winning writer, writing teacher, and documentary film maker who has lived and worked

Eloise Zeng

Eloise Zeng is a sophomore at Wellesley High School. She is part of the Wellesley FIRST Robotics Team…

Jenny Li

Jenny Li is a sophomore at Wellesley High School. She has been learning Go since she was six, and this is the 9th year…

Ruiyun Wang

Alan Song

Alan Song is a sophomore at Wellesley High School and a national chess master…

Darren Shi

Darren Shi, a sophomore at Wellesley High School, has enjoyed programming and digital art since elementary school…

Andy Yang

Andy is a part of the class of 2025 at Wellesley High School. He is passionate about math and has participated in many math competitions since middle school such as the AMCs, Math Counts, and GBML. He has prior experience with teaching younger students and likes to engage with his students to make sure they all comprehend the material as well as constantly being engaged during the class. In his free time he likes to play and watch sports such as volleyball, football, and basketball. 

Yulian Xia

Yulian Xia, also known as Ellen, used to be a doctor and a product manager in a prestigious pharmaceutical company in China. She holds dual master’s degrees in both Biology and Epidemiology at Beijing Union Medical College and Umass Lowell respectively. She has multiple years of teaching experience as a tutor while she was in college earning trust from parents and love from the students. She taught her sons Chinese and math at home and likes to reflect and summarize approaches on how to make teaching more efficient. She enjoys her role as a mom and does her best to accompany children as they grow. She believes every child deserves affluent love from parents and a comprehensive education from society. She likes to make friends that stem from various cultural backgrounds and strives to tell people more about Chinese culture.

Libin Zhang

Libin Zhang believes that the best learning experience happens in the natural and relaxed setting, and is dedicated to introducing a refreshing experience for students.

The heart of her teaching philosophy is a single verb “engage”…

Wellesley Chinese Language School

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