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AoPS Pre-Algebra

AoPS Algebra I…

Mingxing Liu

Mr. Liu earned master degree in Physics from Beijing University.  He is also co-director in the WCEA. He published several novels…

Xiaoling Li

李晓玲女士出生梨园世家, 京剧表演艺术传承人,弘扬中华国粹使者…

Carrie Yue

Ms. Yue has been teaching Chinese at WCLS since 2011. She teaches the MLP track and the ICL track...

Yunjia Gu

Mrs. Gu graduated from East China Teaching University, majoring in economics.  She have been teaching young children…

Jiaoe Chen

Mrs. Chen had three-year teaching experience in Wuhan International Trade University…

Zhengqiong Wu

Mrs. Wu received her bachelor degree from Huizhou Teacher’s College. She has rich teaching experience as she taught Chinese…

Pansy Lam

Mrs. Lam holds a Bachelor degree for Translation from the Open University of Hong Kong. She had over 10 years…

Jianmei Bai

Dr. Bai earned her Ph.D. degree in Physics from Temple University. She graduated from Shandong University with a bachelor’s…

Dan Hou

Mrs. Hou has been teaching Mandarin part-time for four years. She earned a teaching certificate from Peking Language University…

Carol Lee

WCEA Chinese Teacher Carol started K-9 teaching in after-school programs in Taiwan where she served as

Ying Jiang

Ying Jiang graduated from USTC (University of Science and Technology of China) and received a PHD in molecular biology…

Sarah Vanaman

WCEA Director of Programs and Drama Teacher -Graduated with honors from the Tisch School of the Arts

Ying Wu

Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master’s degree in Architecture from the City University of New York. Art Work selected for annual exhibits at

Jeff Penta

An experienced player, Mr. Penta has been teaching chess for Sunday school and after school programs and given lectures…

蔡君柔 Mia Tsai

Master in Contemporary Modern Dance at Case Western Reserve University . Years of multi-diverse dance training in Chinese dance, ballet

Nick Korsantia

Nick is a guest lecturer at Northeastern University where he received his MS in Biology and Neuroscience. He received his BA in Biology

Charlene Smith

Charlene Smith is a multi-award winning writer, writing teacher, and documentary film maker who has lived and worked

Yanqin Zeng

毕业于广西艺术学院, 主修声乐  广西音乐家协会会员, 广西通俗音乐学会理事 获中央电视台第三届青年大奖赛广西赛区通俗唱法 

Melina Rowin

Melina Rowin is a current sophomore at Wellesley College. Her field of study is international relations and she holds a special…

Maddy Peng

Miss Peng has taken AP Computer Science Principles and has done exceptionally well in both her class and on the AP exam.

Eloise Zeng

Eloise Zeng is a sophomore at Wellesley High School and part of the Wellesley FIRST Robotics Team. She started…

Jenny Li

Jenny Li is a sophomore at Wellesley High School. She has been learning Go since she was six, and this is the 9th year…

Allen Wu and Ethan Xia

Allen Wu and Ethan Xia, junior and sophomore respectively at WHS and graduates of the AP class at the Wellesley…

Jeffrey Li and Evan Daigle

Jeffrey Li and Evan Daigle, sophomores at Wellesley High School taking Honor English classes in 9th and 10th grade…

Wellesley Chinese Language School

Wellesley Chinese Language School